About Our Pastor

Pastor Dr. Kingsley Ugbo is the founder and senior pastor of Rekindle Evangelistic Ministry. He received the “Call of God” many years ago, and became a preacher of the Gospel in 2007. He founded the Holy Ghost Cross Ministry in 2007, and was the senior pastor before going for advanced theological studies. He voluntarily withdrew his service from government in 2009 to face full time ministry. He attended Christian Leadership University, where he was ordained Minister of the gospel (Licensed ordained Minister of the Gospel by CWLN), and received his Doctorate in Biblical studies(DBS) in 2016. He holds other academic qualifications; BA, University of Washington; Juris Doctor, Calif; MPA, University of Benin; Master’s in Criminal Justice, Kaplan University; Ph.D., California Southern University. He is also the founder of Holy Ghost Prayer Ministry.

WEekly programmes

Sunday School: 08:00 AM TO 09:00 AM

Sunday Worship: 09:30 AM TO 11:30 AM

Tuesday Bible Study: 06:00PM TO 07:00PM

Friday Miracle Service: 06.:00PM TO 07:00PM.

Christmas Programme



In one of numerous callings to preach the gospel; Jesus Christ anointed me, I walked on the river without sinking (and the inscription “Jesus Christ” written beneath my foot steps on the river), and I followed his foot steps in my night vision

Pastor Dr. Kingsley Ugbo

As soon as I received confirmations of God’s revelations to preach His Gospel, I obeyed His command but started as a lay pastor in 2007. Glory be to His holy name that I preach his word every day! Amen and Amen

Pastor Dr. Kingsley Ugbo

I count myself worthy to witness and preach the truth; that the Son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was delivered unto the hands of sinful men, crucified, and on the third day, he rose again.

Pastor Dr. Kingsley Ugbo